10 Best Blue Butterfly Nails Design

Blue butterfly nails have become a trend recently. Ladies choose this due to its beauty. Besides, the color can fit for spring and summer. 

By choosing these nail art models, you can express your style. This article will show you some best models applying blue and butterfly for your nails. Here are the following examples. 

Baby Blue

Baby Blue Butterfly Nails

Baby blue is an ideal choice for you who like soft colors. This style fits those who have long nails. For better results, try to mix and match them.

You can combine it with glitter on one nail. Then, apply butterflies on other nails. This nail art looks gorgeous for your easter. 

Light Blue

Light Blue Butterfly Nails

Match the light blue butterfly stamp with baby blue paint for your nails. This one also brings you another simple model. Yet, it looks lovely in you.

It can be a perfect nail design, especially for you who have short nails. In this style, you can go with various fashion styles. 

Dark Cute

Dark Cute Blue Butterfly Nails

If you like a bold color, you will like this design. The cute butterflies will suit your black paint nail. It is gorgeous for a school girl or a working woman.

Black makes you look both chic and elegant. You can apply this beautiful design to all your nails. 

Pink and Blue

Pink And Blue Butterfly Nails

Pink expresses a feminine and girly personality. Besides, it is a calm color that can represent that you are a kind and lovely person.

Pink is compatible with blue. Use blue butterfly nail designs on the pink paint. Apply the design only to your two fingers for the best result. 

White and Blue

White And Blue Butterfly Nails

Blue nails are excellent with white too. So, mix and match it with white is another alternative. White shows purity, and butterflies present beauty. 

The butterfly will look live on your white nail. It represents a smart and kind personality. Pick this design because it can fit any fashion style you have. 

Navy Pastel Blue

Navy Pastel Blue Butterfly Nails

Navy is the color commonly associated with the ocean. It is the color of nature. Thus, the design is ideal for your spring and summer.

The pastel blue butterflies can go with a navy nail. Put the butterfly only on one nail. Let other nails dominate by navy paint.

Blue Butterfly Coffin

Blue Butterfly Coffin

Coffin shaped is well-known for nail arts lately. Yes, this nail design presents you with a nail with a shape like a coffin. It is perfect for those who prefer long nails.

Adding blue butterfly nails to the design can make it chicer. This style is simple, but it does not make you outdated.

Blue Butterfly Short

Blue Butterfly Short

Short nails are also beautiful for nail arts. You can add butterfly designs on it as well. So, your short nails will not limit your idea and creativity. 

You can put butterfly stickers on each of your nails. With a blue base coat, it makes your butterflies look alive and flying in the sky.

Clear Long

Blue Butterfly Clear Long

Do you want to explore a new style for your nails? If you are getting bored with a base coat, you can try this design. 

Place butterfly designs on your nails with a nude coat is an excellent choice. Match it with a French manicure design for the best options.

Acrylic Nails

Blue Butterfly Acrylic Nails

The acrylic nails are another diverse selection for you. With the butterflies on it, this design can fit any clothing color. Besides, the nail’s length fits any occasion.You can combine blue acrylic nails and transparent acrylic butterflies for your nails.

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